Thursday, 24 October 2013

Anoplius viaticus - Late October spider hunting.

Anoplius viaticus - 24th October 2013 
After a good few days of proper October weather, rain and wind, a return to calm conditions here in Nottinghamshire on the 24th October. Blue skies a little chilly but a walk on Budby Heath needed.  I go absolutely stir crazy once the weather breaks and we head on into winter. The camera goes away and I begin to do very little.  I like birds but they don't quite get me excited like insects, so even autumn and winter birdwatching is only second best to the invertebrates found during the spring and summer. Anyway back to my Budby jaunt, pretty warm but not expecting much in the way of insect life.  Good start with a late season Common Darter still on the wing, but my wife drew my attention to the pompilid wasp in the photograph, Anoplius viaticus.  These chaps are usually well tucked up by now in a burrow waiting for early spring when they are the first of the spider hunting wasps active on the heath however I was more than pleased to see this one out hunting in late October, it's actually made my week, sad I know, but I can't help it.  Due to the relative coolness of the day (16 degrees Celsius) the insect as well as hunting in its normal manner, running through the heather and dried grass, also took time to sun itself and give me time to get decent photograph or two. Hope you like them.

Anoplius viaticus 24th October 2013 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

October Beauties

Comma - Gedling 06/10/2013

Well yet another weekend of fine weather. A busy week at work led to me feeling a little knackered on both Saturday and Sunday so my urge to walk was beaten by my urge to sloth. However a trip to the in-laws proved productive. There Verbena is still well in flower and with the sun out a few Small Tortoiseshells and Commas as well as a solitary Red Admiral and small white were on show.  The nice thing about their Verbena is that it backs on to their window. Hence my backdrop to the photographs was curtain linings.  This gave what I consider to be quite a nice one tone effect for the background. It kind of makes the insects stand out nicely. Hope you like them. I have a feeling it may be the last of insects for 2013.  You never know perhaps the weather will stay nice until December. I'm not quite sure how many people actually read this blog or any of my blogs, perhaps a dozen at most.  If there is anyone out there with a successful blog could you get in touch.  1) I'd like to look at it to see how you make it interesting so people return to have another look. 2) How did you manage to attract people in the first place. 3) thanks to anyone who does indeed return to have a look.  And a big thanks to someone in Derby whose had several peeks according to google analytic. 

Small Tortoiseshell - Gedling Notts 06/10/2013