Sunday, 30 August 2015

Cynthia and Erica

Picture says it all, Budby Heath Nottinghamshire, Cynthia cardui on Heather, Also photographs of Peacocks and Small Tortoiseshell feeding on the heather as well.  Should have got Vanessa (Red admiral) as well but they were playing hard to get.  I think the colour of the heather really sets these butterflies of well.  Apologies for lack of blogs, been rather busy visiting lots of beautifual sites around the country but have had little time to take photographs which has been a real shame as I have seen some wonderful insects.
Painted Lady, Budby Heath , 30th August 2015

Peacock, Budby Heath, Nottinghamshire, 30th August 2015 

Painted Lady, Budby 30th August 2015 

mall Tortoiseshell, Budby Heath Nottinghamshire, 30th August 2015 

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  1. Great shots, rather better than mine! Never think of butterflies going for heather, which is rather stupid of me