Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Minotaur Beetle "Typhaeus typhoeus" by Lamia textor
Male Minotaur Beetle, Wollaton Park Nottinghamshire October 1997.  
Habitus Photograph of male Minotaur beetle, Typhaeus typhoeus to accompany blog on said species.  Found on Sandy Soils, right through the winter from October until March.  Best Times to look for them, Mild winter days when the temperature reaches about 10 degrees Celsius.  Places to look, Wollaton Park and Budby Heath. Size 12-20mm.  Only the male carries the pronotal projections. Females although having slight protuberances, they are awkward to see unless through a hand lens. Get yourself out there now, they have been active week beginning Sunday 17th February, and will continue to be active given mild weather for anther month.      

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