Monday, 1 April 2013

Yes I'm still here and still waiting for spring.

Crocus - the only bit of colour in my Nottinghamshire garden in late March. 
March a whole month when the temperature did not reach double figures here in my part of the East Midlands.  My parents live in the North West of Ireland and they have had their Daffodils out for at least two weeks.  I'm still awaiting my first bloom, my primroses are waiting, my crocus have been battered by the snow, which has been thawing slowly for the last nine days in my back garden. As for frogs in my little pool, well not a sign. Usually have several clumps of spawn by now.  I also had several species of Bee around this time last year, nothing so far.  I'm aware that we have cold weather in March and indeed in April, but the weather is usually variable, a bout of freezing weather followed by a little mild weather with rain to bring the frogs out followed by a bit more cold weather etc. This year it's just been a grind, can safely say the worst spring of my entire life,  being born in 1963 the met office will vouch for that one.  
I actually went for a walk around my local gravel pits this morning,  it was 3 degrees celsius.  For one silly momnet I thought I heard my first Willow Warbler, I stopped to listen but the distinctive sound was not repeated, must have been wishful thinking.   


  1. Saw a butterfly Sunday, have the sand martins returned anywhere yet?

  2. Went out myself on Wednesday, saw a couple of Comma's and a bumble bee Bombus hypnorum. Fist time this year. Not seen any Martins yet although they usually appear mid march here in Notts.