Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Another Jumping spider on my wall, "Siticus pubescens"

Jumping Spider, Siticus pubescens - Carlton wall 07/05/2013
After returning from work I popped out the back to take in my Mason Bee colony.  The males are still making life a little uncomfortable for the females to the point whre the females have moved on to an overflow set of bamboo tubes I bought from, of all places, Morrisons.  However once the males have died off I expect the females to move back onto my log especially as I will clear the debris from a few of the vacated holes.  It is also noticeable that I have several holes still blocked by mud. I'm not sure whether these are late to emerge are dead due to the harsh winter or contain parasitic wasps. I'll wait and see on this one.
Anyway enough of bees.  When looking at the bees my attention was drawn to the chap in the photograph. He had taken up position behind my bee log in a little gap between the wall and the log.  He seemed quite happy with a small shaft of sunlight illuminating him nicely.  A rush inside for the camera and what you see is the best of some rather average shots, I think that there was not enough natural light, but it still gives a pleasing effect, give the picture a double click and you can see it a little more clearly. 

Siticus pubescens is a rather nice hairy jumping spider, slightly larger than my other wall dweller Salticus scenicus. Described as common and living on walls and fence posts. I have them on both wall and fence in my suburban  garden.  Still haven't got the extension tubes, but have spent a fair bit on 3 books on British spiders, an EBAY bargain!  

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