Sunday, 7 July 2013

Check out the Jaws. - Dune Tiger Beetle

Cicindela maritima - Norfolk 6th July 2013 

With the prospect of cloudless skies and a Saturday free from a cricket match a day trip to the north Norfolk coast insect spotting, with a few birds thrown in if they flew by.  Top of the list and almost an annual visit for me is Thornham Point, walk to the bottom of RSPB Tictchwell and then walk along the beach until you can get no further.  Here you'll find my all time favourite beetle  Cicindela maritima, "the Dune Tiger Beetle".  Fast flighty and pretty active on a hot day theses chaps are also pretty scarce, thornham being the only place where I could be pretty sure of seeing them on the east coast, until you move on down into Kent.  I have been in the past and seen dozens, however on this visit I only encountered about 4 or 5. Still managed to get a half decent shot of one for the reocrd.  Also paid a visit to Holkam NNR. not  a lot happening here, A dead rabbit with Necrodes littoralis being the highlight.  I did however see Dark Green Fritillary, photograph shown below.  An impressive strong flying butterfly and freshly emerged by the look of it.  A quick tip for anyone wanting to go to titchwell.  The tiger beetle photograph was taken at about 7.00pm,  when walking back through the reserve we had it to ourselves,  far better than the usual midday throng.

Dark Green Fritillary - Holkham NNR, 13th July 2013 

DArl Green Fritillary - Holkham NNR, 13th July 2013 

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