Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spring has arrived - spiders are out on the house wall.

Nursery Web Spider = Carlton Nottinghamshire 8th March 2014 
At last a little warmth in the air.  Compared to last winter 2013/2014 winter was pretty mild.  We also missed most of the rain that fell on the southern half of the UK here in Nottinghamshire. However still good to be able to get out in the back garden and see something. This morning I had male Bulfinch and female blackcap in the garden at once. Not bad for a very small garden here in suburban Notts..  Camera also made an appearance as a couple of nice spiders on the house wall taking in the early march rays.  Photographs attached of the jumping spider Salticus scenicus and of a Nursery Web Spider, Pisaura mirabilis. Both are common spiders in my garden but it's difficult not to spend a few minutes enjoying their presence.   More regular posts on the way now that the invertebrates are out and about once more.  

Jumping Spider Salticus scenicus . Carlton Nottinghamshire 8th March 2014

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