Saturday, 14 June 2014

Roesel's Bush Cricket

Another trip up on the old colliery spoil heap at Gedling on Wednesday evening.  This was the final visit with my son who is doing an invertebrate survey prior to the site opening as a country park.  To date we have found over 140 species of beetle with two new to the county.  Several species of odonata and a couple of species of cricket. Photographed are Roesel's Bush Cricket.  There is a good healthy population up on the site, favouring the sunny south facing banks where they hang around in the long grass.  The photographs show immature specimens about 7-8 mm in length. By the end of the year they will be a lot bigger and probably more photogenic.  However much we moan about our warming climate, I for one like the spread of these exotic insects further north in the last decade. 

Roesel's Bush Cricket -Gedlng Colliery 12th June 2014

Roesel's Bush Cricket -Gedlng Colliery 12th June 2014

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