Saturday, 23 August 2014

Three Crickets in a Day.

A recent trip to Bredon Hill Worcestershire with my son, who was assessing the invertebrates found in and around different compartments of the hillside provided a good couple of days insect watching.  Highlight for me was 3 species of cricket in one day,  Speckled Bush,  Dark and Roesel's.   Speckled bush was not very obliging for the camera, it wouldn't sit still but the other two were game for a picture. Quite an impressive collection of insects and getting a little commoner in these days of slightly warmer summers.  Can't ever remember seeing these as a lad in the sixties and seventies.  Iv'e even seen them in Nottinghamshire this year,  my son capturing a speckled bush cricket on Sneinton Market right in the middle of urban sprawl.    
Speckled Bush Cricket, Bredon Hill,  7th August 2014 

Roesel's Bush Cricket Bredon Hill Worcestershire 7th August 2014 

Dark Bush Cricket, Bredon Hill Worcestershire, 7th August 2014 

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