Saturday, 22 November 2014

Too Busy to Blog

Apologies for lack of blog over the last couple of months, I've been rather busy at work. I'm in the process of changing career, moving away from teaching, my school is closing and I just have to see the current year 11 through to their GCSE's,  and moving onto a job that I should have pursued earlier in my life, namely a career that involves my true love of the natural world. I've also not blogged as I have hundreds of beetles to I'd from my son's summer of fieldwork on Bredon Hill.  He has cleared off back to University and left me with quite a lot to look at. He's gone back to undertake a 4 year PhD eventually aiming to call himself a plant molecular biologist.   I've currently listed over two hundred beetle records and still have many more to do.  I may even start on the hymenoptera during the Christmas holidays.  Anyway a photograph of my little place of work AKA the spare room, all beetles and books, heaven.  

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