Thursday, 10 April 2014

First of the Mason Bees and Bird photography with a macro lens!

Escape - Osmia bicornis male emerging from its cell - 10th April 2014 Carltom Nottinghamshire.
April 10th and the very first Mason Bee to break free seen today.  This is exactly 10 days before last years emergence here in my Notts garden.  By this afternoon a grand total of 3 males are buzzing around both my log and my £3 Morrisons supermarket "bee hotel". Photograph shows emergence of the second bee of the year, the first eluded the camera and left a vice neat hole in its sealed clay entrance. Can't get fresher looking bee than this.  Hopefully we'll have a good year as I have about 60-70 holes currently sealed by the bees last year and I 've added a few more holes as after a couple of years the Bees are a little reluctant to use previously used holes,  they do eventually but only after the clean holes have been filled first.  

same bee as previous photograph, giving me the eye! 
Now from this blog it is pretty obvious that I'm not the birding type, I like birds, I feed them in my garden and I've even been known to twitch,  once for a Great Grey Shrike and more recently a trip onto Budby Heath to catch the Parrot Crossbills, I was surprised at their size, I expected a bird a little smaller.  However the pair of birds that have given me most pleasure this year are a couple of Bullfinch.  I've fed Sunflower hearts for years in my small back garden and attract the usual garden stuff, but this year has been the first year that I have daily visits from a pair of Bullfinch, photograph of the female attached. Perhaps I'm a little odd but in my eyes the females colours are so subtle as to make it far more attractive than the male.  Taken with a macro lens through the window!  Not quite sure my missus would be too happy if a spent £5000 on a big telephoto.  Still when I can take all my pension as cash rather than an annuity I'll perhaps blow some on the Lamborghini of lens a Nikon 500 mm. 
Bullfinch - Carlton Nottinghamshire 10th April 2014.  105 mm Macro lens through double glazing. 

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