Monday, 5 May 2014

Bang on the Window

I've spent the day looking through a pot of beetles putting a name to them and gluing them on bits of card.  I find that this satisfies the OCD urges within me.  Whilst doing this I heard a thump on the back window,  having heard this sound before I knew that a bird had flown into it.  It's usually a wood pigeon leaving an angel like farina dusting on the pane.  This time no wood pigeon but a knocked out Greenfinch.  I nursed it in my hand for about 5 minutes,  then placed it on a perch where it sat first one legged and then two legged for about 10 minutes.  After this a short flight onto next doors trellis, followed by a more substantial flight several minutes later. Hopefully it will recover.  Gave me a chance to get up close though. 


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