Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Aromia moschata The Musk Beetle

Aromia moschata by Lamia textor
Aromia moschata, Holme Pierrepont Notts June 2011

Aromia moschata, probably one of the most impressive insects you'll encounter walking along the River Trent in late summer. Some large beetles are in excess of 30mm.  Generally green in colour they have a reasonably pleasant smell of musk.   Old gravel workings with willow is the place to look, the larva spend their lives tunnelling and extracting nutrients from the sapwood. Try thistle heads, any umbelliferous plants still in flower or trunks of smallish willow at the end of July or beginning of August if you fancy taking a look at one.  Attenborough nature reserve is pretty good for them as is the Skylarks Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust reserve at Holme Pierrepont.  Remember to look after them, they are a nationally scarce insect. I would however be very happy if you could let me know if you find them anywhere else in the county, I'm aware of Misson in North Nottinghamshire, but that's about it. 

Aromia - Holme Pierrepont Nottinghamshire

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