Thursday, 3 January 2013

The purpose of this Blog

Quite a difficult question to answer. I have always found my love for insects and wildlife in general lends itself to individual pursuit. You don't need someone to help you look at a bird, find a beetle, photograph a flower, in fact people often get in the way, block your light, disturb something you've just spotted or generally distract you from the purpose of your walk.  On the subject of walking, I've walked with many friends for years in most of this countries national parks and it never fails to disappoint me that I can't quite walk out the purpose of the activity.  I've walked in the most atrocious weather, glasses steamed up ready to throw myself of the top of the next peak losing the will to live but my friends appear as happy as Larry. I can't do it anymore, I'm a fair weather naturalist, by that I mean I don't go out in the rain, cold I can cope with, heat I can cope with but rain it beats me. 

So the purpose of this blog, inform anyone interested of what they might encounter in Nottinghamshire this summer. Put odd snippets of information on key visible species on the blog, mainly beetles (coleoptera) and wasps (hymenoptera) but also other interesting animals and plants. I'll also probably ramble on a bit about the odd patch of land I find interesting, anything of an interesting nature hitting the news. Finally instead of my hobby being an individual pursuit, I wish to share it with anyone that cares, or is interested. A few sites I regularly look at an excellent local website and Mark Telfer's ( beetle and general natural history site. One day perhaps my sites may be as useful and interesting as theirs. But then one step at a time, a follower would be nice in the first instance.   

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