Friday, 4 January 2013

Leptura quadrifasciata

Leptura quadrifasciata by Lamia textor
 Leptura quadrifasciata Skylarks Nature Reserve, Home  Pierrepont, Notts, July 2011

This fine insect probably rates as one of my favourite beetles, variable in size 11-20mm, readily  takes to the wing and often found feeding boldly on any suitable plant, thier favourites appear to be Thistles and Hogweed depending on their availibility.  Best place, Skylarks Nature Reserve, Holme Pierrepont, The woods around Shelford by the River Trent, also good number up in Sherwood Forest, look for flowers and if they are around they will be feeding on them.   Be careful as they are easily disturbed and will fly rather quickly at times.  

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