Sunday, 6 January 2013

One to Look Out For in 2013 - The Berberis Sawfly

Berberis Sawfly Larva by Lamia textor
     Berberis Sawfly Larva Carlton, Notts, September 2012

The Berberis sawfly Arge berberidis is a new addition to the list of UK sawflies being discovered in Essex in 2002. However since that date it has spread quite rapidly northwards and westwards reaching as far north as Yorkshire and west into Wales.  I first noticed them in Nottinghamshire in 2011, when I noticed several adults sitting on my only specimen of Berberis in my garden, note they also feed on Mahonia. Since then it has been quite easy to find the larvae on the same plant, I'm sure many others have alos discovered them but if not, if you or your neighbour has Berberis or Mahonia plants check the leaves spring and autumn they appear in May and September on my plant.  They don't cause a lot of damage, look pretty and in my opinion are a nice addition to my garden fauna. What do you think?

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