Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bird Poo Mimic & Privet Hawk Moth

Privet Hawk Moth - Gedling 19th June 2013
 My Year 10 lads did me proud once more,  last week they put me onto a Puss Moth in the school grounds, this week even more excitement with a Privet Hawk Moth on my lab window.  I get one of these each year hanging around but there's little privet or lilac about.

Platyrhinus resinosus - East Bridgford Notts 19th June 2013
Went for a walk along the Trent again this evening.  Not alot about, but I did find a nice beetle, Platyrhinusresinosus, this beetle is considered to be uncommon, but along the Trent they are pretty common.  It's also thought to resemble a bit of bird faeces.  White at both ends with a grey black rippling onthe body.  It's not to bothered about hiding itself either and can quite often be found just sitting around on fallen ash Logs.  The larvae are thought to feed on Daldinia concentrica, better known as the black fungus "King Alfreds Cakes" which is to be found on Ash.   If you pick them up they without fail give you a slow firm nip.

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