Monday, 17 June 2013

More Orchids - Twayblade and Common Spotted's

Twayblade - Holme Pierrepont 17th June 2013 
I've been wandering around Holme Pierrepont for many years and I'm pretty confident that I've got a good eye for what's around both in terms of flora and fauna, however it took a tip-off from one of my son's old school friends (thanks Holly) to put me onto a small patch of Twayblade.  Supposedly a pretty common orchid it is rather unobtrusive hence I've missed it for several years.  Still a photograph is shown of the flower, one for the connoisseurs I think. Apparently pollinated by solitary wasps! 

Common Spotted Orchid Holme Pierrepont. 
do however include a photograph of Common Spotted Orchid. A far prettier flower and reasonably abundant if you know where to look.  They're definitely having a good year this year and looking strong and healthy, the cold spring if anything has led to a better display than I've seen for a good few years.  

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