Saturday, 15 June 2013

Flaming June: orchids, moths, beetles.

Southern Marsh Orchid, Holme Pierrepont June 2013 
I've had a busy couple of weeks, Pupils sitting exams, extra lessons on Saturday's evening revision sessions with my neice and running my son around to cricket matches every weekend.  Therefore my own trips out into the Nottinghamshire countryside have been all too brief. Monday night and a trip along the river at East Bridgford.  Highlight was watching the resident Barn Owl cleaning itself then taking off and catching a vole within about 150 metres of its perch. Later in the week and a little evening sunshine saw me down Holme Pierrepont.  A low flying raptor in the distance being mocked by crows, left me a little confused,  couldn't work out whether I'd seen a Red Kite or Marsh Harrier as the light levels were to low and the beast wasn't high enough for a good sillouette.  I can however safely say it was no Buzzard. Only reasonable Photograph was of Southern Marsh Orchid, looking pretty good at the moment.  I tried a few Common Blues but the light was going quick so they aren't sharp.  

Puss Moth Gedling June 2013

Thursday at School and my year 10 lads came to see me at break in a rather excited frame of mind.  They'd found the biggest moth they'd ever seen.  It turned out to be a beautiful Puss Moth.  Showed it to a few kids in the afternoon, put it in a tub, brought it home for a few snaps and then released it.  There are plenty of Sallows in the vicinity of my house so I'm happy its in a decent spot.
Puss Moth Gedling June 2013 

Finally a decent beetle to talk about, Ptinomorphus imperialis, a pretty impressive name for a small brown job.  A member of the Anobidae commonly known as woodworm this beetle is regarded as nationally scarce and are believed to live on moribund hawthorn. I was then rather surprised when my son found one on the bamboo plant growing outside my back door.  It's a pretty little thing that grows to about 5mm, so easily overlooked. 

Ptinomorphus imperialis - Carlton June 2013 

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