Thursday, 20 June 2013

Last of the Mason Bees and Bombus hypnorum

Carlton Notts June 2013
Bombus hypnorum, Carlton Notts. 
20th June and I still have Red Mason Bee activity.  This is the latest and longest that i have recorded them for on my Bee Log.  First emergence April 20th.  Although that was 3 weeks later than 2012 the Bees have certainly made up for late emergence with the amount of holes filled in the garden.  This years total is in excess of 50.  I also have a colony of the Tree Bumble Bee Bombus Hypnorum. In late 2011 I installed a Robin Box on the trellis behind a clump of honeysuckle,  Spring 2012, nothing.  Winter 2012 Nest box full of clematis seeds and a family of Wood mice had taken residence. Fair enough no Robin but I can live with wood mice, their big eyes make me have a soft spot for them.  However they've moved on and the mouse nest has no been taken over by the Bees.  If you're not familiar with hypnorum that's no surprise they are a recent colonist to the UK and particularly like nesting in tree holes or tit boxes.  Lovely bee and in my opinion a nice addition to our fauna.  Interestingly this bee has been spreading across europe and now even found in Iceland!  I've also had a good run of the Wasp Beetle, recording 4 specimens at once on my Dog Daisies.  Bottom photograph shows single specimen feeding. They're always a cracking sight, I never get tired of seeing them, in fact I'm that sad I take a direct course to my flowers when I get home from work just to  check them out. 

Wasp Beetle - Clytus arietus Carlton, Notts, June 16th 2013


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